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Aster provides innovative, competitive and top quality tower designs to Telecom industry.

Our strengths:
  • Highly experienced design engineers
  • Ability to provide customized tower designs as per the customer requirement
Design check and Tower Strengthening Services

We design towers and foundations as per Indian and international standards. Wind load calculations are done as per IS: 875:1964 PART III, material standards as per IS 2062 and IS 8500 and Design standards as per IS 802, 800 and 806.

We provide Investigation and structural assessment to decide design check and strengthening options. prior to and during the design process based on:
  • Change in wind pressure
  • Change in design standards
  • Addition of Communication antennae and cables
Why Aster’s Tower Foundation design

At Aster we design customized foundation of towers as per the customer requirements.

While designing foundation for telecom towers, live loads such as wind are considered. Winds tend to create tensile uplift forces in the foundation. Design parameters like diameter, length and spacing are normally determined to ensure the overall stability of foundations in a given rock mass, allowable displacement and the risk of tendon corrosion.

Assessment of the overall safety factors is arrived at from:
  • Construction drawings with Concrete volume and Bar bending schedule
  • Excavation plan with pit dimensions
  • Estimations during tender stages
Database of our Tower Designs

Aster has developed more than 200 Tower designs that are tested and approved bySERC, CPRI and IIT.
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