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Engineering Constructions and Projects (ECP) is a large part of Aster’s telecom infrastructure delivery to various customers across the country. Aster’s ECP offers turnkey telecom site construction services to its customers in the Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western parts of the country. We always strive to achieve total customer satisfaction by continuously improving our QMS and processes.

Aster’s ECP has made its mark as a leader in the telecom infrastructure services industry with a high reputation for quality services, meeting delivery schedules and optimally priced services.

Why Aster’s Engineering Constructions and Projects (ECP)

Aster’s ECP team consists of experienced, innovative, highly motivated and quality conscious professionals. They are capable of delivering 100 sites per month for each operator in every circle.
Aster抯 ECP offers the following services:
  • Turnkey solutions for telecommunication network, right from site civil survey to completion of the site
  • Design and Development of Telecommunication Towers, Poles with all allied civil & Electrical works
  • More than 200 Tower designs approved by Structural Engineering Research Centre (SERC)
  • Telecommunication Towers with a Manufacturing capacity of 75,000 MT/Annum Customized projects as per the customer requirement
  • Excellent customer service
Scope Of Work
  • Tower Design with SERC / IIT approvals
  • Tower fabrication and delivery at site
  • Site detailed survey and foundation design
  • Implementation of Tower, Shelter and DG Foundation and other related civil works
  • Tower Erection and Painting
  • Earthing System Development for Cell site
  • Indoor and outdoor electrical work
  • Supply and Installation of class-B infrastructure items like A/Cs, DGs, batteries, rectifiers, stabilizer
  • Electrical liaison, municipal and SACFA approvals
  • Obtaining municipality approvals
  • Filing applications to Wireless Statutory Bodies like SACFA
  • Obtaining Acceptance Test certificate from end customer
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