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Aster’s Raipur Unit-I is located in Raipur Siltara Industrial Area, India. It is spread over an area of 40,468 sq. meters and has a production capacity of 21,000 MT per annum for the manufacturing of Lattice Type Transmission Towers, Telecom Towers, Broadcast Towers and Wind mill Towers.

As the quality of the products from any manufacturing facility depends on the infrastructure, Aster‘s manufacturing facility at the Raipur Unit-I Plant is organized in very well planned and well engineered layout. Lattice Tower manufacturing facility is equipped with very efficient and Semi Automated production equipment. The products manufactured at the plant meet stringent global standards.

Raipur Unit-I Manufacturing Facility (Plant)

The Plant has a well equipped with in house Quality Lab to check Mechanical and Chemical parameters of the raw material. It has:

  • Manufacturing capacity of 21,000 MT per annum
  • Easy access to expert and skilled manpower from Raipur
  • Availability of large storage area for raw materials and finished products
  • Manufacturing facility is for ISO 9001:2008 certified
  • Production facility is approved by:
    • BSNL and Telecom Operators for Telecom Towers
    • Power Grid and all State Electricity Boards for manufacture of Power Transmission Towers
Fabrication Process
  • All Tower parts are manufactured on Semi Automated Machines
  • Others operations are automated
  • Special Jigs and Fixtures for Hydraulic Presses to ensure that the bent items are precise and built without distortion
  • Special Jigs and Fixtures are used for Welded items and MIG M/c is used for welding
  • Various material handling equipments like the EOT Cranes and Mobile cranes are utilized for handling Raw Material and finished Tower parts

Galvanization Process

Raipur Manufacturing Facility has Galvanizing Plant with the state of the art galvanization technology. The controlled treatment of the galvanizing process includes degreasing, pickling and fluxing for an ideal reaction between Steel and Zinc resulting in a homogeneous galvanization. The pre-heating chamber further ensures uniform drying and pre-heating of steel to give an excellent surface finish and uniform coating of zinc.

The Galvanizing Plant has a galvanization capacity of 24,000 MT per annum and is equipped with sophisticated in-house laboratory for testing of chemical parameters.

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