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Aster has a long track record of experience in executing projects for many African countries. Aster’s IBO has teams with technical expertise in the field of Telecom and Transmission Lines and other associated fields. Aster has successfully Supplied/executed several projects in East African countries like Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Uganda and Mauritius.

A few of the projects executed are:

  • Turnkey Projects for Telecom Mobile Operators
  • Supply of Telecom Towers and Shelters
Huawei Technologies Co Ltd.

Benson Informatics Ltd.

Hayat Communications Ltd.

Ericsson Pvt.Ltd.

Airtel Telecom (Seychelles) Ltd

Motorola Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd.

Econet Wireless Kenya Limited

Teleconvergence Infosystems (Mauritius) Ltd.
Cielux Telecom RDC

Ethiopian Telecommunications Corp.

Ramky Infrastructure Limited

Contact Us:

Aster Global Services (Tanzania) Limited
# 707/14, Mkwepu Street, ILALA,
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania- 34777.
Tel:+255 (0) 778 357622 / 687 240176
Aster Global Services (Mauritius) Limited
333, Behind Bassin Community Health Center, Bassin Road,
Quatre Bornes, Mauritius.
Tel:+230 (0) 987 5419
Aster Global Services (Kenya) Limited
Shamneel Court, Parklands Road, Westlands,
Post Box No. 38526-00623,
Nairobi -41684, Kenya.
Tel:+254 (0) 734 995900
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