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Aster’s International Business Operations (IBO) are spread to a number of countries in South East Asia, Middle East, East and West Africa and Afghanistan. In all the countries of operation, Aster has come to be accepted as a reliable turnkey solutions provider. The range of products and services offered in the International market include the following:
  • Telecom Network Planning (RF Survey, Drive Tests and Network Optimization)
  • Cell site audit and integration, MSC Testing and commissioning
  • Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Transmission Equipments
  • Design, Manufacture, Supply and Installation of Telecom Towers and Shelters
  • Turnkey Projects for Telecom Mobile Operators
  • Design, Supply and laying of Optical Fiber Cable (Outside Plant) and allied Civil Works
  • Design, Supply and laying of Copper Cable Network


  • Design, Manufacture, Supply and Installation of Transmission Towers and Sub-station Structures
  • Survey, Design, Supply and Installation of Transmission lines
Special Structures
  • Design, Supply and Installation of Broad Casting Towers
  • Monopoles
  • High Masts for Lighting

Pre-Engineered Structures and Buildings

  • Warehouses.
  • Factory Buildings and Office buildings
  • Railway Platforms
  • Special structures
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