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Aster is a professionally driven infra engineering company providing a wide range of products & services to address customer requirements, primarily in the power and telecom infrastructure segments.

Focus on quality, on time delivery and cost control have enabled us to reach where we are today, in our 14 year journey as an organization.

We have presence across India and our international footprint extends to Asia, Middle East and Africa regions.

We are a company that believes and lives by people empowerment and respect for each member of our team.


Achieve Performance Excellence and Create Standards

  • Provide Dependable Services
  • Respond to changing market needs
  • To Create Societal Value addition & maintain high levels of quality
  • To Build Customer comfort & maintain long term relationship


  • Respect for individual
  • Transparent working at all levels
  • High Performance Culture
  • Leadership Development
  • Empowerment with Accountability
  • Informal Working Culture
  • Knowledge Creation & sharing
Aster - Vision
What does Aster do?

Aster is an engineering services company, offering wide range of diverse and dependable customized turnkey solutions for various industrial and consumer needs. Aster has made its presence felt throughout India and is now quickly ramifying into other continents and countries too.

We have proved our competencies by providing turnkey solutions as the following:
 Transmission & Distribution
Design and Supply of Transmission Towers
Transmission Lines Construction
EHV Substations Construction
Distribution Systems
Project Management Services
RF Engineering Services
Telecom Towers Design & Supply
Engineering Constructions & Projects
Engineering Services
Operations & Maintenance
 International Business Operations
To provide end-to-end services to our customers we have successfully built, strategic technology, marketing alliances, efficient in house teams and network of field workforce over the years. We bring the entire turnkey solutions and products that enhance performance and profitability of our customers from public and private sectors.
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